Natural herbal supplement for
a Healthier mind.
(Improve your memory and alertness)        

The brain is the central core of the human body and the source of intelligence. Only a healthy brain can let you enjoy a happy lifestyle.

The brain is the most metabolically active organ in the body, yet stress, improper medication, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, radiation and other environmental pollutants pose a continuous threat to brain's health and vitality "K - SAGE PLUS " is a pure natural formula with 100% herbal extract for a healthy brain. Research shows Chinese herbs have the power to improve brain health. With the combination of ancient oriental wisdom and modern herb processing technology, "K - SAGE PLUS " revitalizes and rejuvenates the brain.

The most important factor of normal brain function is the blood supply to the brain, and the nutrient and oxygen content of the blood. "K - SAGE PLUS " helps to increase blood circulation to the brain so that it can stay at its peak performance. Recent studies show that brain cells continue to develop even in adulthood, suggesting that damage caused by injury and disease is repairable. "K - SAGE PLUS " simulates brain cells to regenerate, so the recovery from cerebropathy can be greatly increased.

Only a limited percentage of the brain is active for normal functions, while the remaining part stays in a state of dormancy. "K - SAGE PLUS " can activate the dormant neural cells, and promote the functional migration from damaged brain parts to healthy parts.

The negative congenital heredity impact, infections, toxin, external injury, environmental pollution, electromagnetic emission, fast pace working environment and intense competition creates pressure and has a negative impact on our brain. Our brain has been suffering due to this. There are more than 24 million nerve people suffering senile Dementia, (Alzheimer disease). How many of us are still suffering from the various stages of unhealthy state?

According to the statistic of the World Health Organization, there are about 3.6 billion people who are in this negative mental state.

K - Sage Plus  is made from extracts of plants by using advanced scientific method. K - Sage Plus  has the following functions.

1.        To improve the synthesis of the neurons FOS Protein, enhance thinking ability and memory.
2.        K - Sage Plus  will enhance the synthesis of nerve growth factors of nerves, promote the proliferation and regeneration of the Central Nerve Cells and facilitate                the regeneration of the nerve "axons" and "dendrites" thus helping the reestablishment of nerve network.
3.        To improve synthesis of DNA/RNA of cerebral cells and promotes the growth and development cerebral cells.
4.        K - Sage Plus  will block the synthesizing channel of nitric acid to decrease the generation of nitric oxide (NO) and inhibit the death of cerebral cells.
5.        K - Sage Plus  has the ability to raise the activity of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) in cerebral cells to rid it of free radicals so as to protect the brain.
6.        Reduce blood viscosity hence increase the blood flow to the brain for the benefit of cerebral cells.
7.        Adjust the level of the three major neurotransmitters, strengthen neuron functions and to "excite" the Central Nerve Cells.
8.        Helps reduce the energy consumption of the cerebral tissues, thus, improving the energy metabolism in the brain to ease its fatigue and to restore the cerebral        functions.

K - SAGE PLUS  capsule is a pure nature herbal product extracted and refined through advanced GMP/ISO facility in United States. Capsules are non-toxic, non-addictive and have no side effects.


"        K - Sage Plus  is suitable for students, children and those who suffer from brain problems.
"        K - Sage Plus  can make remarkable improvement for those who are mentally handicap, those suffering from senile dementia and other brain problems.
"        K - Sage Plus  is able to help students and children to improve their memory, thinking and learning ability.
"        K - Sage Plus  can soothe mental tiredness, especially for those who need to work for long period, to improve working efficiency and repair the damaged cells                of the brain caused by the magnetic waves emitted by handphone, computer and other electrical appliances.

Caution :        Not suitable for pregnant women and infants aged less than 6 months.

Dosage :        2 times a day, 2 capsules each time before meal.
               For Children half of normal dosage (1 capsule only)

Note        :        when taking K - Sage Plus , drink more water and stay away from spicy food.

Scientific Breakthrough

Scientists have found that pure natural plants contain a substance called "NaFeEDTA", which can effectively strengthen the memory. According to this, after many years of study and reasoning, we have at last successfully developed a high-tech health care product that can effectively strengthen the memory, K - Sage Plus  capsule. Modern medical researches have proved that the decrease of memory has a close relation with free radicals. Free radicals attack biomembranes, DNA and other biological macromolecules, induce lipid Peroxidation, which in turn damage brain cells. The "NaFeEDTA" contained in the K - Sage Plus  capsule is an excellent free radical scavenger. Experiments have proved that K - Sage Plus  capsules have a strong effect of elimination. Under the experiment conditions in and out of the body, it can be observed that K - Sage Plus  capsules have an excellent effect to restore brain damage caused by free radicals.

K - Sage Plus  capsule can effectively prevent, check and terminate the chain reaction of lipid Peroxidation caused by oxygen free radicals, restrain brain damage by free radicals from every aspect, so it can effectively improve human memory, prevent and cure senile dementia, and overall has a very obvious therapeutic effect.

K - Sage Plus  Capsule is extracted from pure natural plants and synthesized by high-tech method. It has been proved by the health inspection department through strict examinations that K - Sage Plus  capsule has no ill or negative effects, results in no pollution, contains no hormones and causes no dependence.

K - SAGE PLUS  Capsule is a natural scientifically formulated dietary supplement made in GMP facility.


The Mechanism of K - Sage Plus  in Maintaining a Healthy Brain and Benefiting Intelligence

1. Permeate the blood brain barrier

The blood brain barrier can effectively maintain the brain macro-environment to protect the normal structure and function of the central nerve system, however, it also hinders the treatment for the brain diseases. The active ingredients of K - Sage Plus  can permeate the blood brain barrier and act on the brain nerve cells for protection and treatment. Some ingredients may temporarily improve permeation of the blood brain barrier to increase the flow of the amount of the medicine into the inner brain.  It can make some of the nutritious substances available to benefit the brain.

2. Energize the dormant neurons and make them into the new neurons - synapsis links

There are approximately 15 billions of neurons in the human brain, where there are only 1-2% of the neurons works in the normal physiological activities; more than 95% of them are in the dormant state. K - Sage Plus  can accelerate the development of the nerve axons and dendrites and energize some of the dormant neurons, increase the amount of the neurons that join the physiological activities, make new neurons links, laid a tissue structural basis to improve memory.

3. Improve enzyme activity, increase brain memory peptide integration

K - Sage Plus  can effectively reduce the activity of the inner brain AchE and the serum, inhibit the AchE integration, improve the activity of the SOD and GSH-PX, so that improve the body antioxidative activity, decrease the disintegration of oxygen free radicals and of acetylcholine, increase the RNA content in the brain, so that improve the integration of memory peptide and improve memory.

4. Adjust neurotransmitter level

Neurotransmitter is the important chemical substance that joins the information transmission; it consists mainly of acetylcholine, monoamine and amino acids. K - Sage Plus  modulates the level of acetylcholine by impacting AchE, so that functions in improving study and memory. By modulating the level of inner brain Glu,, ASP?-GABA, it maintains the stability of Ca++  in the neurons to protect the neurons from being attacked by the neural toxic.

5. Improve blood rheology and barrier of the macro circulation

Incomplete brain ischemia may result in the increase of the whole blood viscosity, whole blood reduction viscosity, blood plasma viscosity, erythrocyte hardness index erythrocyte accumulation index. The blood is in a state of high consistence, high viscosity, high solidification and high polymerization, this makes brain blood stream silting, increase of the circulation resistance, brain macro circulation obstacle. K - Sage Plus  can effectively reduce the whole blood viscosity, whole blood reduction viscosity, blood plasma viscosity, erythrocyte hardness index, degrade blood vessel resistance, increase brain blood flow, thus improve the blood rheology and degrade the barrier of the macro circulation, to accelerate the normal blood circulation.

6. Debase inner brain ATP consumption

After the incomplete ischemia, the inner brain ATP content decreases, lactic acid content increase obviously, K - Sage Plus  decelerates the ATP consumption resulted from the cerebral ischemia, decreases the generation of the lactic acid obviously, so as to debase the energy consumption resulted from the incomplete hypoxia and ischemia in the brain tissue, improve energy availability, improve apparently the inner brain energy metabolism, it is of the promotion effect in the recovering brain function.

7. Decrease the formation of nitrogen monoxide

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a non-traditional neurotransmitter, its function is of amphicheirality selectivity, it not only has the signal transmitting function, mediate neuro-toxic action of Glu, but also inhibit the normal mitochondrion energy synthesis and result in the dying of the cells. K - Sage Plus  can effectively degrade the increase of NO content resulted from cerebral ischemia in the brain tissue, so that regulate the amount of NO formation or blocks its synthetic pass way and therefore, has the effect of protecting nerve cells from being attacked from toxin.

8. Accelerate the synthesis and secretion of NGF

NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) is a kind of short peptide; it is of many kinds of nutritional biological effect for the nerve cells. It can accelerate the differentiation of nerve trunk cells, maintain the specific function and the surviving time of the neurons, guide the growth of the nerve fiber, and promote the recovering of neuron damages and regeneration. Lacking of nutritional support of NGF is an important cause of retrograde affection. There are at least five ingredients of K - Sage Plus  can increase 15-20 times of the NGF secretion amount. The study shows that K - Sage Plus  is rich in short peptide substances that is similar to the NGF, which plays an important role in decreasing damages from the free radicals, inhibiting the apoptosis of nerve cells and accelerating the recovery of nerve cells function.

In conclusion, K - Sage Plus  can accelerate study and memory and benefit intelligence on the whole, by way of protecting the neurons, repairing its damages, inhibiting its apoptosis, energizing its dormant neurons, accelerating the development and differentiation of the nerve trunk cells and reestablishing nerve networks etc., through multi-links, multi-pathway and multi-targets.

8 Functions of K - Sage Plus

1.        Develop potential intelligence and improve intellectual quotient
2.        Strengthen action of anti-oxidation and delay the aging of brain cells
3.        Permeate blood brain barrier and nourish brain cells
4.        Accelerate brain blood circulation and supply more blood to the brain
5.        Exclude toxic substances and dredge brain nerve network
6.        Resist electromagnetic radiation and repair brain damage
7.        Improve sleeping quality and promote memory
8.        Decrease brain fatigue and ease tensions and pressures

Supplement Facts

"        Korean Ginseng Extract
"        Cordyceps Extract
"        Grape Seeds Extract
"        Lycium Barbarum Extract        
"        Reishi Mushroom Extract
"        Safflower Extract
"        Zizyphus Semen Extract
"        Vegetable Fibers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between the latest generation product and older generation Products?

A. The latest generation product contains 60 capsules and uses an improved formula. The recommended dosage per day is less than before. The older generation product that you may see on the Internet contains 90 capsules per bottle. The recommended dosage per day is 2 to 3 time per day and 3 capsules each time.

Q2. Where can I buy the latest generation product?

A. The latest generation product is available K - LINK International Sdn. Bhd.

Q3.  Who can take K - Sage Plus ?

Anyone and everyone! Mental Health Workers, those who are under a lot of stress, students, older people, patients with brain disease or neurasthenia and those who feel fatigue, forgetfulness, headache, insomnia or who need nourishment for brain healthcare.

Q4.  Who should take K - Sage Plus ?

Anyone who wishes to improve their health and life should take K - Sage Plus . If you want to be more agile, healthier, and more successful in business and to feel more alive, K - Sage Plus  is for you! Specifically, if you want to:

"        Improve memory
"        Enhance intelligence level for students, IT professionals
"        Maintain health for people with weak nervous system, fatigue, migraine, insomnia
"        Relieve symptoms for people who has Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer disease, senile dementia, autism, ADD, CP, MS, seizure, etc.
"        Help damaged brain to recover, such as damaged in the birth, by accident, or as a result of stroke, or disease, by toxins, or bacteria, infection, etc.

Q5.  Does K - Sage Plus  have side effects?

K - Sage Plus  is produced by a US government GMP-approved firm. The experience of more than a hundred thousand people in dozens of countries proves that it is safe and has no negative side effect. K - Sage Plus  ingredients are all natural, developed with international modern biological technology. K - Sage Plus  contains no western medicine, no organoclorine pesticide, no caffeine, no hormones, and it is safe to take for extended periods.

Q6.   Why do people differ in IQ?

IQ levels are determined by the number of brain cells:  the fewer the number, the lower the IQ. Those with fewer than150 millions might have a lower IQ. It is only by increasing the number of brain cells that people can elevate their IQ improve their memory.
Q7.  How can K - Sage Plus  help to improve academic achievement?

K - Sage Plus  capsules can increase the level of RNA and DNA in the brain. RNA are important neuron molecules that are related to people's thinking, memory, feelings and human activity. It is also important for the metabolism and for memory. The experiences and knowledge acquired through learning is stored in RNA and through structural variation codes the new experiences are preserved. K - Sage Plus  can increase these memory molecules and thus it improves memory, understanding, judgment, and thinking ability, promoting high academic performance.

Q8.  What is a blood brain barrier?

In the blood circulation of the brain, the endotheliocyte of the capillary system do not come into direct contact with brain neurons - they are separated by neuro-gliocyte, this structure is called a blood brain barrier. It may protect the neurons from toxic materials, germs, and bacteria in the blood. Water, glucose and folic acid may go through the blood brain barrier, but most substances are blocked by the blood brain barrier.
Q9.  What are the differences between K - Sage Plus  and other brain healthcare products?

K - Sage Plus  is created with the essence of Chinese herbs and is the result of 5 thousand years of traditional Chinese medicine. Its active ingredients are extracted with high-technology, thus increasing the efficacy of the product. Most products can not permeate the blood brain barrier, but K - Sage Plus  can -  its ingredients act directly on neurons and its rate of protection against the damages caused by hypoxia and anoxia is 63.9%. Approved by scientists and by the experience of several hundred thousands of people, K - Sage Plus  is effective against memory decline, insomnia, brain fatigue, aging, brain diseases, mental retardation, autism, depression and other like diseases.
Q10.  What effect does K - Sage Plus  have on senile dementia?

Dementia is caused by abnormalities in the brain's nerve system, which can damage and decrease the number of brain neurons. K - Sage Plus  can permeate the blood brain barrier and act on the neurons to nourish and protect them. It can also dilute blood viscosity, reduce blood resistance, improve circulation in the brain and promote blood supply. Mr. Guo Puyuan, President of the China Elder Healthcare Medical Association points out: "Many people have taken K - Sage Plus  with great results. After taking K - Sage Plus , patients with senile dementia have improved and comatose patients have awakened. This is very persuasive evidence.  Ms. Chu Yuefa, a professor at Beijing Medical University says: "After taking K - Sage Plus , patients with sequela of cerebral vascular disorder have improved, even after 1 or 2 years of hemiplegia, aphasia or dementia. This is extremely difficult, but we have seen it."

Q11. What are the characteristics of K - Sage Plus ?

"        Permeate the blood brain barrier
"        Increase the number of brain cells and its quality so that it can enhance the intelligence level
"        Fast efficacy, long lasting
"        All natural
"        No side effects and no dependence
"        High tech

Q12.  Would there be any dependence on K - Sage Plus ?

There is no dependence on K - Sage Plus .

Q13.  Would there be any conflict with other drugs of natural products?

K - Sage Plus  is extracted from all natural herbs which are both edible and can be used as traditional Chinese medicine.  There would be no conflict with other herbs or drugs.  It would be better though if taken half an hour or one hour apart from the time taking other drugs or products.

K - K - SAGE PLUS, Natural herbal supplement for a Healthier mind.
(Improve your memory and alertness)

K - Sage Plus is a premium quality herbal extract dietary supplement specially designed to help improve the function of the brain. K - K - Sage Plus  Plus is specially formulated to improve memory; promotes stress relief and having a calming effect to control anger.

K - Sage Plus helps to improve brain activities and improve efficiency of work process. It also acts to improve the regulation of the Central Nervous and blood circulatory system. K - K - Sage Plus  Plus helps to boost the Body's immune system and helps to dilate the arteries to improve blood flow to the brain, heart and limbs. Sage is also credited to have memory retention properties.

K - Sage Plus Benefits

"        Helps improve memory
"        Helps reduce stress
"        Helps to improve sleep
"        Helps relax the brain from lethargy.
"        Helps to promote alertness.

USE : Suitable for Children, students, adults and the elderly to improve memory retention and alertness.
Helps students and children to improve their memory retention, mental ability and learning capacity.

Radix salvia mitiorrhiza                
Radix Ligusticum chuanxiong        
Radix Angelica Sinensis                
Radix Glycyrrhiza Uralensis        
Poria Cocos                        
Fructus Schiasandra chinensis        
Radix Astragalus membranaceus
Radix Codonopsis        
Carthamus Tinctorius        
Fructus Lyclum Barbarum
Radix Panax Ginseng
90 mg
40 mg
40 mg
20 mg
40 mg
80 mg
20 mg
40 mg
30 mg
20 mg
80 mg
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