Herbal Cosmetics
Cleansing Milk

A powerful re-hydrant cleanser that penetrates deep into the skin and
gently removes dirt, make up andimpurities and keeps the skin healthy.
Enriched with Aloe Vera, Rosemary & Lavender.

Price : MRP Rs. 280/-
Product ID : HC 4001

Price : MRP Rs. 180/-
Product ID : HC 4002
Facial Scrub

An unique blend of natural scrub particles
that helps to dislodge blackheads, blemishes,
freckles, pigments & scars. Do not rub on
pimples and acne.

Price : MRP Rs. 180/-
Product ID : HC 4003
Facial Massage Cream

An excellent combination of exotic herbal extracts
and massage oils enriched with Vitamins & Minerals
from natural sources which improves the blood
circulation and preserves the youthfulness of skin.

Facial Gel

An effective  facial gel  which  soothes the skin and gives a smooth texture by increasing the
collagen production and also  moisturizes  and  refreshes the skin.

Product ID : HC 4004

Product ID : HC 4005
Face Pack

An effectual and luxurious face pack that enhances the natural glow and
firmness of the skin. Helps to reduce  the depth and number of facial lines,
tightens and tones the dull tired skin.

Product ID : HC 4006
Moisturizing Lotion

A distinctive moisturizing lotion that helps to
eliminate the dryness and makes the skin young
and supple. It maintains the skin's moisture balance
keeping the skin smooth & emollient.

Price : MRP Rs. 180/-
Price : MRP Rs. 280/-
Price : MRP Rs. 280/-
Shaving Gel

A scientifically formulated herbal gel meant for regular shaving. Its moisturizing
property makes the shave smooth and keeps the skin healthy with its antiseptic

Product ID : HC 4007

Product ID : HC 4008
After Shave Lotion

A powerful lotion that helps to heal cuts and Irritation resulting after shave. The antiseptic
& antibacterial agents keep the skin soft and emollient. It also acts as a filtering agent and
protects the skin from Sunís harmful UV rays.

Product ID : HC 4009
Kids Hair Wash

A gentle cleanser that gives a soothing Cherry rich hair wash to the kids tender
scalp, leaving the hair clean & soft.

Price : MRP Rs. 230/-
Price : MRP Rs. 230/-
Price : Rs.300/-
Product ID : HC 4010
Herbal Hair Cleanser

A Versatile product with an unique blend of herbs and natural ingredients which arrests
hair loss, premature greying and dandruff. It helps to rectify split-ends and makes the
hair strong, healthy and lustrous.

Price : MRP Rs. 375/-
Anti Wrinkle Cream

This revolutionary cream formulation is enriched with rare herbal extracts and
natural oil. Regular use delays wrinkles and smoothens fine lines.

Product ID : HC 4011

Product ID : HC 4012
Nourishing Night Cream

A rich nourishing skin cream with natural Minerals and vitamins designed to get
absorbed faster into the skin and effectively work throughout the night, nourishing  the skin.

Product ID : HC 4013
Foot Cream

An unique herbal formula rich in emollients and natural oils which helps cracked heels
to heal and softens the feet. The natural moisturizers & vitamins nourish, soothes,
softens and refreshes the feet.

Price : MRP Rs. 280/-
Price : MRP Rs.180/-
Price : MRP Rs. 180/-
Product ID : HC 4014
Refreshing Bath Gel

An effective blend of herbal and aroma therapy formulation that gives a refreshing
bath after a tiresome day. It also cleanses and moisturizes the body.

Price : MRP Rs. 300/-
Moisturizing Body Wash

A carefully formulated moisturizer and cleanser that keeps the skin luxuriantly smooth & supple
in one step. This soap-free herbal combination gently removes dirt & impurities, moisturizing
and conditioning the skin from within.

Product ID : HC 4015

Product ID : HC 4016
Face Wash

An effective soap-free face wash which cleans and purifies skin and
gives it a natural sparkle and clarity with the herbal combination.

Product ID : HC 4017
Fairness Cream

A luxurious cream that improves the Complexion and nourishes the skin.
Removes dullness and restores the natural glow of the skin.

Price : MRP Rs. 300/-
Price : MRP Rs. 230/-
Price : MRP Rs. 280/-
Product ID : HC 4018
Sun Screen Lotion

An amazing non-greasy lotion with natural sun screen agents blended with precious
herbs & Vitamin E which moisturizes and gets absorbed quickly giving long lasting
protection from Sun's harmful UV rays. Ithelps fade pigmentation, spots and freckles.

Product ID : HC 4019
Nourishing Hair Gel

A non sticky and non-greasy gel that helps to maintain the hairstyle and control stray
ends. The powerful herbal ingredients make the hair healthy, supple, shiny and
easy to manage.

Price : MRP Rs. 230/-
Price : MRP Rs. 230/-
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