Uterine Tonic.

Treatment for uterine disorders, particularly functional uterine bleeding and other allied conditions often happens to be the most difficult and complicated gynecological problem and many times has resulted in poor response for conventional therapy. It is believed that this condition occurs often due to disturbance of normal hormonal secretion, which control the normal menstrual cycle. Indigenous drugs for long have been used with success and advantage, and found to have given satisfactory clinical result. The value of these herbs is found to be of very great importance in reducing and controlling the disorders of the uterus.

Many scientific medical workers have tried these drugs individually, which are found to possess high therapeutic value.  With this scientific knowledge, the unit has formulated a judicious combination of powerful, clinically known, scientifically standardized drugs, and has presented in Liquid and capsule forms, to control many of the uterine disorders that pose a difficult and complex problem.

STRENGTH:                500 Mg Capsules                



LODRA                Symplocos racemosa                100 mg        
ASOKA                Saraka indica                         100 mg        
DHATAKI                Woodfordia floribanda                 75 mg        
ALA                        Ficus bengalensis                  25 mg        
PUNARNAVA                Boerhaavia diffusa                  50 mg        
AMRUTHA                Tinosopra cordifolia                  25 mg        
SALMALI                Bombax malaricum                   50 mg        
SHATAVARI                Asaparagus recemosus          50 mg


ASOKA (Saraka indica):

This contains Haematoxytin. Also contains fair amount of Tannin and organic substance catachin. Clinically it has been proved to act as a strong astringent and
Uterine sedative. It acts directly on muscular fibers of the uterus.  It is found to exert a stimulating effect on the Endometrium and ovarian tissue.  This action of the drug is particularly useful in controlling “Menorrhagia” due to uterine fibroids.  This is also useful in internal bleeding, Metrorrhagia and functional uterine bleeding.

LODRA (Symplocos racemosa)

An age old remedy in uterine disorders.  Chemically found to contain alkaloids “Lotarine”, ‘Collouturine’, ‘Loturindine’ and ‘Kino bine’.  The total drug exhibits astringent action. Found to be useful in all types of bleeding of any etiology. Various workers in the conditions of uterine disorders like Oligomenorrhea, Functional Uterine Bleeding, etc., have obtained successful clinical results.  It relaxes the uterine tissue particularly in Menorrhagia.

SALMALI (Bombax malaricum)

Excellent clinical results have been obtained from this drug in Menorrhagia and other uterine disorders. This drug improves the tone of the uterine muscle.  By virtue of its astringent and styptic action, it is useful in most of the uterine discharges.  Chemically it is found to contain gallic acid.

SHATAVARI (Asaparagus recemosus)

This helps in strengthening the uterine muscles and stops excessive bleeding. 

AMRUTHA (Tinosopra cordifolia)

This contains a Glucoside, starch extract, bitter principle and trace of berberine.  This is used as a tonic alternative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and as antipyretic.  Clinically excellent results have been obtained in functional uterine bleeding and other abnormal vaginal discharges.


Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhea, Irregular Menstruation, Functional uterine bleeding, Endometritis, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal Disorders. Ovaritis,

DOSAGE: One to two capsules two to three times a day.


PACKING: 90 Capsules Container

This product is not intend to diagnose, cure or to prevent any disease.
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