UNIVERSE INDUCED Energy is a new scientific breakthrough that promises to revolutionize various industries including fields in medical, agricultural, motor engines and even personal hygiene and sexual performance! These are brave claims, but claims that we are comfortable in making due to our extensive research and development not to mention our track record. In this article, you can discover the how's and whys, the who's and what's as we systematically share with you our discovery

Technology for the new millennium

¢        If we told you that we have in our hands a force so potent and powerful that it may :
¢        destroy and inhibit cancer cells
¢        reduce and alleviate pain in the human body
¢        revitalize plants and soil to achieve accelerated growth.
¢        increase the efficiency and power of your motor vehicle.
¢        keep living cells alive longer.
¢        neutralize air contamination and reduce water pollution.
¢        improve your general health.
¢        counter the effects of the various harmful radiations permeating the modern world.
¢        increase your sexual prowess and virility......

What would your initial reaction be?

Yes, we understand and share your skepticism. The claims above sound too much......
......... but there is something you have not thought about....

Consider this...

- 500 years ago, if you went around telling people that the world was round, you might the same reaction.
- 300 years ago, if you told people that one day they will be able to fly from Europe to America, you will possibly receive the same response.

Walk on the Moon? Quite unlikely!!

- 150 years ago, if you claimed that man will walk on the moon, you are also likely to get the same response

Now, if we tell you that a phenomenon called Universe Induced Energy what we claimed in the above, you will probably disbelieve it also.

It is in the nature of humans to be skeptical of something unproven. However, in time, when shown that the above incredible claims actually may turn out to be true, they will probably come to accept and embrace it.

We are now here to share with you, not our "claims", but our discovery.  We have proof from scientific tests and evidence from actual usage. We have certifications from national scientific bodies and testimonies from grateful users.

The Story of UNIVERSE INDUCED Energy

The Discovery

Approximately twenty 10 years ago, a team of researchers, one of whom is a Malaysian discovered a dynamic power source from the Sun. It is a form of "energy field" from the Sun that exists on Earth in plants and minerals that has immeasurable benefits to all living creatures on Earth. This energy is unrelated to commonly known energy emissions such as far infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic waves or other forms of radiation. It is natural and biological; non-magnetic and non-chemical, And more importantly, it can be duplicated and reproduced by integrating natural minerals such as Mg, Se, Ca, Si and subsequently energized with our proprietary high tech process.

Technically Speaking

The Sun is the source of all life. All life exists on Earth because of the Sun. Since the beginning of life on Earth, the very first single-celled organisms had depended on the Sun for its life. Today, millions of years of evolution has produced the sophisticated creature of Man, along with Man's fellow inhabitants of Earth. Nothing has changed. The Sun is still the source of life. Take away the Sun and all life will be extinguished. The life giving properties of the Sun cannot be refuted. What the researchers succeeded in doing was to find a way to store and replicate these life sustaining properties.

Testing the Phenomenon

After this exciting discovery, they had subsequently done years of testing and researching on their breakthrough. What they discovered was even more incredible than their initial discovery. Apparently, the Universe Induced Energy works in ways that even now, is not fully understood by Science. Such is the power of Nature. What the scientists discovered seemed to be incredible, even in this modern age of enlightenment.

The Universe Induced Energy was found to influence the behavior of many natural and man made phenomena in a wide range of ways. Ways that ultimately reflects the life sustaining nature of the Sun.
The Properties and Behavior of Universe Induced Energy

Universe Induced Energy is a high speed energy field. Its speed flow rate is F= 4.6 x 1012 /s The main ingredients used in the replication of Universe Induced Energy for incorporation into various products are natural minerals. These treated materials are capable of creating an energy field of high speed power flow. The energy field is powerful enough to affect and change the properties and behavior of many things. In tests that have been conducted, Universe Induced Energy has been found to have the following attributes:

When water is treated with Universe Induced Energy, its properties are changed radically. The water molecules are broken down to smaller bundles of H2O. The smaller cluster size of H2O penetrate cell membranes easier, and tagging along with it are oxygen ions, which are beneficial to cellular activities. As a result of this, the cells are healthier and it has been proven that whilst normal cells live for 90 days, cells exposed to the treated water can live for up to 120 days. That directly translates to longer life and youthful skin.
Sample        Water Graph        

1. UIE treated Water                55.8 HZ        
2. Alkaline Water                64.0Hz        
3. Warm Spring Water        79.0 Hz        
4. Mineral Water                94.0 Hz        
5. Well Water                        105.0 Hz        
6. Tap Water                        117.0 Hz        
7. Distilled Water                118.0 Hz        
8. Rain Water                        119.0 Hz        
9. Spring Water                122.0 Hz        
10. Blood                        142.0 Hz        

The 17O NMR (20OC) test report shows that water treated with UIE have the smallest Hz rating - that is 55.8Hz, and is recognized to be the purest and best quality water. The table shows the Hz ratings of various other liquids.

The treated water can carry more O2 . Consuming and using this water will give the body more O2 . Aerobic microbes that aid the human cells thrive in O2 rich environment but non-aerobic microbes like cancer cells find it hard to survive in O2 rich environments.

Universe Induced Energy has excellent absorption, activation and assimilation process. A cigarette exposed to it will be smoother. It is also a very effective odor remover.

Universe Induced Energy can transform hazardous electromagnetic fields from TV, computer monitors and cell phones into harmless energy.


This is a brief synopsis about the nature of the phenomenon called Universe Induced Energy.  Undeniably, the Sun is source of all life. A group of scientists, working on natural emissions from the Sun, found an energy source which they later termed as "Universe Induced Energy".

This energy was found to influence the behavior of many natural and man-made phenomena in a wide range of ways. Ways that ultimately reflect the life sustaining nature of the Sun. This energy is pure, natural, non-magnetic and very biologically-enhanced. And more importantly, using our proprietary technology, the energy can be reproduced and 'stored' by integration into minerals and subsequently energized.

Interesting discoveries from research has so far revealed that this energy can destroy and inhibit cancer cells, reduce and alleviate pain, enhance plant growth and soil quality, increase efficiency in machinery (i.e. motor vehicles), lengthen the lifetime of living cells, neutralize certain contaminations in solid, liquid or gaseous form, boost the human immunity system, halt effects from harmful electromagnetic radiation (i.e. phone / computer monitor emissions) and even more incredibly elevate sexual prowess and virility!

A special characteristic of this energy is its speed flow rate which is represented in scientific terms as: F= 4.6 x 1012 /s. Basically this means that this bio-activated energy has the power and potential to interrupt other (harmful) radiations (i.e. hand phone) and affect properties of entities in its path of radiance. One of the best examples are water treatment for consumption. After treatment with UIE, normal pipe water will be broken into smaller bundles of molecules, which in turn improves absorption by our body. There have also been documented medical breakthroughs and other enhancements to the atmosphere, plant life and vitality of living organisms.

A result from application of Universe Induced Energy on plant growth and cancer cells has proven to be very interesting. The agriculture industry would get a boost from this exciting discovery, while alternative new medicines and treatments would offer new hope to those with terminal illnesses.

Based on our research, we have produced some amazing applications for this technology, all of which has been thoroughly tested and marketed to thousands of happy and grateful customers. Among the applications that have been so successful include the following:


Man and nature form two of the most important components of life in the universe. Their existence is so interweaved that they seem to be created for each other. History has however shown that man has always wanted to be near nature. Nature has provided man with virtually every single necessity of his life. Without the providence of nature man will surely perish.

In form or in spirit, man's dependence on nature has never been static. Unlike other creatures, man is endowed with an intellect or the "thinking brain". Such an endowment has given man an added capacity to create and discover and to improve on the quality of things around him. Thus, it came as no surprise that man, in his pursuit to satisfy his ever changing spiritual, mental and material well being attempts to conquer the forces of nature. Today, the far reaching conquests of man include nature's resources of the sun and the plant life on planet earth, whereby both become objects of intense research and discoveries by man. Solar energy from the sun is an example.

The energy of the sun comes under the microscopic examination of man. The sun has always been associated with infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic fields and radioactive effects. But the colossal energy of the sun encompasses much more than these. Through extensive research carried out by a group of Malaysian and Korean scientists, for instance, the energy field from the first layer of the sun known as Universe Induced Energy was discovered and harnessed. UIE's discovery was a milestone in scientific achievements, as the energy proved crucial to the well being of mankind, animals and plants. The essence of UIE is that when applied to living organisms it effectively improves and enhances their energy state. This means, we will experience notable and increased health and well being when placed in the direct presence of UIE energized materials. Likewise, the growth rate of plants measurably increases if grown in UIE energized environment.


The earth is abundant in natural resources like oxygen, water and food, which are created with the aid of energy sources from the sun for the consumption of every living being namely man, animals and plants. In the pursuit for better living conditions, man produced materials and products through discoveries of science and technology. But technology resulted in a drastic impact to the environment such as pollution, poisonous chemicals, ozone layer depletion and processed food which cause health problems and decrease our body's immunity system.

In has been a scientific fact that the universe and everything in it, is in a state of entropy. Negative entropy is how close a system is to equilibrium, that is, everything will return to its natural state. As man creates "orderliness" to control his lifestyle, the condition around us is drifted further away from its natural entropic state. The living organisms in this world depend on the energy from the sun to grow and survive. In the ancient days, the environment has not been polluted or affected as today's condition. The organisms were able to  fully utilize the energy from the sun to enjoy a healthy growth.

In the last 200 years, the advancement in transportation communication & information technology and modern chemical based food processes, technology gave a dreadful impact to the environment. These are in the form of pollution, depletion etc… of ozone layer, creation of poisonous chemicals in the environment and over processed food which causes health problems and decrease immunities to our body.

As the natural environment is being destroyed by pollution through advanced technology, living pressure on human beings would increase and together with the imbalanced entropy, creates an imbalance of positive and negative ions in the natural environment. This will directly cause imbalance to the positive ion in the human body, which then produce a series of health problems to human beings. Universe Induced Energy (UIE) helps to remedy this situation. UIE helps to promote metabolism and improve the blood circulation. UIE apply the new principles of "negative entropy" to everyday use and balance the overall flow of energy surrounding our daily lives. With this approach we will create a new life to benefit us.

A team of scientists from Malaysia and Korea discovered a power source from the first layer of the sun, known as UIE. This form of "energy field" from the sun existed on earth in plants and minerals and provided immeasurable benefits to all living creatures on earth. This discovery is unrelated to commonly known energy emissions as infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic waves or other forms of radiation. This newly discovered energy source helps to enhance oxygen, balance and harmonize all natural living organisms to its optimum state which existed in the olden days.

UIE is a phenomenon of ultra material, which exists in the nature. It is caused by the action of the electron on the frontier orbit, which was physically and artificially controlled. The energy was found by this group of scientists and named as UIE.

The action of electron on the electron orbit continuously ionizes and de-ionizes and forms ion-de-ionization. The cooper pair electron mentioned in the super conductive theory, BCS theory, when around - 2730C, the action of the free electron in between the grating structure form repetition like a ball in the catch ball action. The movement could not be explained by various theories like the theory of movement, theory of thermal dynamics, theory of inertia, theory of thermal preservation and others. The new phenomena, which could not be explained by other theories, is called UIE.

We can only recognize this as an ultra phenomenon, which is beyond the understanding of modern science. We believe that energy cannot strengthen and increase itself, which was described in the theory of energy preservation.

The mechanism of life force in the living body is yet to be understood. One of the reasons that the life force is yet to be understood is that the energy structure cannot be explained by the four mutuality forces in nature.

The reaction of energy is said to occur within the same type of energy and it will react with the energy of other kinds.

We all know that life force does not react with gravity or other forces like magnetic force, and strong force and weak force does not react to each other.

The energy structure of life force is different from the energy organization being built and it is recognized as a totally different force. This could be the reason why life force is yet to be understood.

From the viewpoint of mutuality force, the mutuality force between life force and UIE power has a positive effect on life force because it is being strengthened by the extraction of UIE power. This is an important explanation of life force that is completely new. This fact is beyond the understanding of present science that the living body generates life force and it will be a turning point for the study and explanation of life force in the region of science.

In the 2nd law of the thermodynamics, nature is described to be moving from disciplinary to non-disciplinary to increase the entropy. From this point of view, the UIE power should then be the left revolving law. This is a scientific and philosophical solution.

If the right revolving law represents the increase in entropy, then UIE power should represent the left revolving law. Nature is moving from non-disciplinary to disciplinary and we should consider it as the recurrence law for nature and life force.

In relation to life force, UIE power is a new form of energy that exists in nature and it adds vitality into the life force externally. This could be the form of energy that is equal to life force or similar to life force.

UIE is effective within a range of 5 feet above and below


The main ingredients used in UIE for incorporation into products are trace minerals that are found on earth. This raw material is capable of providing tens of thousands times of speed in power flow to create the UIE "energy field". Based on this, the discoverer had manufactured a series of UIE products that have positive effects to human health and environment.

The numerous side effects of today's deteriorated environment are the creation of too much negative/positive ions which are affecting our general well being and health. Today, we suffer from a range of health problems ranging from poor immune systems making us prone to common ailments to more complex and chronic health problems such as cancer, heart related ailments, stress, poor memory and other. UIE seeks to address these problems as follows:

1.        UIE helps to transform excessive "negative ions" to "positive ions" or vice versa and return to its natural harmonized balanced entropic state. This affects the well being of our health and the ability to resist illnesses and diseases. UIE has a special spreading effect. It can balance positive and negative ion in the human body. It helps to improve metabolism and enhance total health function. UIE is the latest energy found, which can provide oxygen and energy to living organisms.

2.        Its main content is made by a number of microelements. The assimilation process is its spreading effect. The speed flow of UIE is able to transform big bundles of water molecules to smaller bundles. UIE will also refine and also improve quality of engine oil, water, wine, coffee and other beverages resulting in better taste.

3.        It was also discovered that during the process of transformation of water molecules, the trace mineral-selenium is produced, which is understood to be one of the ingredients for preventing cancer, hardening of blood vessels, high blood pressure and helps to slow down the ageing process.

4.        UIE is excellent in absorption, activation and is an assimilating agent.

5.        UIE is able to transform hazardous electromagnetic field from the increasingly popular cellular phones, TV, computer monitors, that is, through Universe Induced Energy to be harmless to the human body.

6.        UIE can improve the natural environment and promote healthy growth of all plants and help to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

7.        UIE is the latest discovery in energy source that benefits all living things on earth in the long run. This negative entropy state was tested and found to be harmless to the human body and natural environment. It transforms the molecule structures of air to the smallest, eliminates bad odour and if stored in refrigerator it can maintain the freshness of vegetable, fish, meat and other foods in the refrigerator. It will increase oxygen and energy for the human body.

8.        Experiments by University of China have proven that UIE is a harmless ray. It can provide many health benefits to humans.

Our present generation consists of people who have low resistance to new diseases that have evolved. When we apply UIE to ourselves for a period of time, our physical constitution will be transformed into a UIE constitution or UIE conductor. For those of us who have this constitution, the outside energy factors are transferred by UIE energy into a life cycle or a new humankind constitution.

After the research on UIE the team of scientists from Korea and Malaysia then developed and manufactured a series of UIE products to suit various needs to counter the negative effects of our deteriorated to environment. These products are seen as a New Hope for mankind in achieving a healthy body in a harmonious environment.

UIE products has been successfully sold in Malaysia, Philippines and other countries.


The human body is made up of cells and the main ingredient to for cell is water.

The human body contains 65% - 75% of water. Cells formed the main organs like the heart, liver, lungs, kidney, digestive organs, blood circulation, nervous systems, bones and skin. When UIE is applied to the human body, its natural energy will activate the cells of various organs. This will lead to more active, elastic and more energized cells for growth and health.

Blood circulation is the main system to maintain life support and microcirculation system. If circulation is weak, health is affected. If there are any obstructions in the microcirculation system the human body will be susceptible to various diseases.

UIE through is energy can provide oxygen, transformation and balancing to activate the cells. This activation will include microcirculation system and lead to a smooth blood circulation and to transfer out all the wastage to rebuild vitality and energize the human body. The activities of the human body depend on nutrition. Nutrition will be transformed into energy and maintain life. Other than absorbing nutrition, the human body needs to dispose all the wastes. This process is called metabolism.

Metabolism of a human can be strong or weak, which shows the health level. If we want to maintain a healthy living, we must have a good metabolism. UIE can enhance the blood circulation to improve the metabolism function, which enhances the transportation of nutrition to cells and wastage from the cells. Other function of UIE is to enhance the immune system. This is caused when the micro-nutrition system is improved and it can defend attacks from bacteria and also prolong the ageing process.

The 17O NMR (120C) test compares UIE Water and other sources of water :

Sample                        Water Graph        
1. UIE treated Water                55.8 HZ        
2. Alkaline Water                64.0Hz        
3. Warm Spring Water        79.0 Hz        
4. Mineral Water                94.0 Hz        
5. Well Water                        105.0 Hz        
6. Tap Water                        117.0 Hz        
7. Distilled Water                118.0 Hz        
8. Rain Water                        119.0 Hz        
9. Spring Water                122.0 Hz        
10. Blood                        142.0 Hz        


UIE is an energy source from the 1st layer of the sun that is considered as a permanent power source. The discovery of this vital energy is beyond the known scientific knowledge of how the sun produce directly or indirectly all of the energy supporting life on earth as food and fuel. As a result of the ability to harness this particular energy, humankind can now have a chance to correct and normalize the environment for our survival. UIE can provide health effect to the human body as follows:


The sun's energy is everywhere for all living creatures to grow and survive. In our modern daily lives, we use different types of secondary sources of energy such as fuel and electrical energy to operate vehicles, heavy machinery and electrical products. In other cases, the energy used to transmit messages and data for telecommunication and television / radio media is invisible and yet it works which clearly show the energy involved. The speed flow of UIE is F=4.6x1012.

In addition to the energy produced from food, oxygen through metabolism, the human body also requires other bio-activated energy to grow and maintain its healthy condition. This will then improve the metabolism system in our body and prolong our life span to a healthier level to enjoy life.


Every living creature on earth needs oxygen to survive. Due to the pollution and side effects of advanced technology, the quality and quantity of our oxygen had been reduced and affected. The environment of today threatens our live with all kinds of contagious diseases.

UIE helps to transform and improve the air quality and activate the oxygen for our consumption. It effectively helps improve our metabolism system for a healthier life.

We require enough and good oxygen for our daily living. Lack of oxygen happens after we have our meal making us feel sleepy and tired. This is because the oxygen content has been used and our body needs more oxygen intake or replacement to produce energy for digestion, absorption process and for our brain to function.


Pollution of today seriously destroys the natural functional structure of transformation and balancing power. This alarming phenomenon adversely affects our air and water quality resulting in an imbalanced molecule structure compared to 200 years ago. There is nearly 50% deterioration in the quality of these vital resources since the olden days when for instance water tasted molecule structure before consisted of small bundles of molecules.

UIE's function is to transform the big bundles of water molecules into smaller bundles. In this way it is easier for our body to absorb the smaller bundles of water molecules which can easily penetrate through gaps in between body cells.

Toxins and poisonous residues in our bodies will subsequently form sediments on the inner walls of blood vessels and cells. The introduction of water energized by UIE and the subsequent assimilation of this quality water into our body has a powerful detoxifying effect. Under normal circumstances our body cells live up to 90 days. The consumption of UIE water could generate healthier cells whose life span is extended to approximately 120 days.


This product is made from natural resources. The UIE K-Energy Cream was developed by scientists to treat various types of skin problems. It is suitable for all skin types and contributes energy and oxygen while providing transformation and balancing for the skin. This power cream is excellent for firming the face and body which helps to produce a radiant and youthful look. It also nourishes the skin, slims the body, eliminates odour, athletes foot and others. A complete skin treatment comprising of treating blemish skin, moisturizing, nourishing. The cream enables the skin to become clean and radiant naturally. Before performing exercises, use UIE K-Energy Cream on muscle areas to prevent muscle tear.

It is an unique formulated cream with UIE. The cream naturally moisturizes your skin, when it is applied. UIE K - Energy Cream helps to penetrate fast into the skin cells and rejuvenate your skin from within making it feel soft, smooth and firm. Due to its high purified water content, this makes the UIE  K - Energy cream non - greasy. UIE K - Energy cream is a skin care cream suitable for family use.

Note: Apply UIE K-Energy Cream directly onto affected part of skin twice daily and nightly.

UIE E-Energy Power Oil


UIE  Deep Heat oil contains Turpentine Oil, Cassia oil, camphor and other ingredients infused with UIE. When few drops are taken on the palm of the hand and pressed gently to the affected parts of the body, the Deep Heat Oil is able to penetrate the skin rapidly due to UIE. The resultant effect is a deep penetrating heat and warm lingering feeling.

UIE K-Energy Power Oil penetrates the skin rapidly. The effect results in a deep penetrating heat and warm lingering feeling that will improve affected body parts. It is suitable in relieving aches, pain, sprained ankles, etc. It also helps to alleviate health problems. Strictly for external use only. Avoid from swallowing or contact with eyes.


Pour a few drops of UIE K-Energy Power Oil on affected areas or on your palms and place it on the affected area while applying a little pressure on it using your palms.


Specially formulated to help relieve rheumatism, improve the affected parts of the body such in case tooth-ache, headache, stiff shoulder etc. Swollen Joints, stomach ache, tooth ache, headache, back pain, stiff neck etc. It improves blood circulation and is highly recommended to men and women of all ages.

Effective for those with problems of joints, aches and pains, muscle cramps, headache, etc.


Place a few pieces of cloth on the skin, then pour a few drops of UIE K-Energy Power Oil on the palm and place it on the cloth. In a few minutes, the heat can be felt due to its deep penetration.

Pour a few drops of UIE K-Energy Power Oil on your palms and place it on affected areas. It is advisable to apply it by yourself. For external use only. Avoid from swallowing or contact with eyes.


The exclusive UIE K - Energy Touch is originated from the pure and natural element of Infused energy (and energy, which is harmless and protects the human health). This remarkable energy is to help to maintain good health and also help to transform the pathogens and harmful elements to a harmless level.

Scientist invented a technology to obtain Universe Induced Energy from natural resources and it is infused into an unknotted material, whereby it is enclosed in golden coloured foil and sealed with a quality plastic.

The UIE E-Energy Touch has a variety of functions which include:

Food and Drinks

Helps retain freshness of vegetables, fish, meat, drinks and canned food and also improving quality and taste of food and drinks.

The Human Body

By placing the UIE Power Touch on affected body parts, it helps normalize organ functions. The energy also assists in preventing unhealthy cells from multiplying.

Other Uses

1.        Enhances the functions of electrical appliances and the performances of gas stoves.
2.        Absorbs bad odour or smells in the refrigerator.
3.        UIE K-Energy Touch can be placed underneath the pillow for a good deep sleep.
4.        Transforms dangerous electromagnetic waves from household appliances to be harmless.
5.        Also reduces tar and nicotine level in cigarettes.

For direction of use, refer packaging of product.


The duration of usage life span is two years from initial use.


By harnessing the useful rays of the Universe Induced Energy (UIE), the K - energy sticker is a specially designed sticker that is small in size for easy application and convenient use.

The K - Energy sticker's main function is to help minimizes harmful electro magnetic waves, which can be harmful to the human body emitted by electrical appliances such as :

"        Mobile phone
"        Television
"        Computer
"        Video Camera
"        Micro Wave
"        Electrical equipment and etc.

Meanwhile in automobiles, K - Energy sticker can help the engine run smoothly and improve the performance of the vehicle. Its other benefits include :

"        Transform engine oil molecules to become smaller, thus improving engine oil quality.
"        Helps to prolong the life span of engine.
"        Helps to save fuel consumption.
"        Improves lubrication and lessen piston friction in engine.
"        Clean carbon deposits from the engine and fuel tank.
"        Minimizes air pollution.

K - Energy Liquid

It is a drink solution infused with Universe Induced Energy contains a high level of oxygen and is produced to activate cells of the body and to increase the functions of metabolism in order to extrude bacteria and other impurities from the body.

When few drops of UIE Power Liquid are mixed with food or drink, it gives an improved taste, thereby enhancing the immunity system. It has stress reducing effects. It will help to regularize the body temperature. It can be used an eye soothing liquid or an eye drop.

Other UIE Products infused in other K - Link Products :



Universe Induced Energy can improve the natural environment and promote healthy growth of all plants. It balances the negative and positive ions in the atmosphere and soil to achieve a natural state for growth, the way the Earth was meant to be before mankind brought pollution to the atmosphere.

According to theories by individual researchers, all living beings have energy entropy of negative, which means that they consume energy to stay alive. Universe Induced Energy induces a state of negative entropy. This means that cellular activities are aided by it. Beings live healthier, plants grow larger and faster. On the other hand, cancer cells follow the path of positive entropy.

It continuously increases its energy output as it devours its host organism. Application of Universe Induced Energy results in stimulating normal cell growth and inhibition of the functions of the cancer cells. The presence of more oxygen in the cells also inhibits free radicals in the body. Free radicals are recognised as agents for cancerous cells. Preliminary research also indicates that it induces similar activities against AIDS. Clinical trials indicate very positive results in all but terminal stage cancers. In terminal stage cancers, the proportion of normal cells to cancerous cells is so abnormal that if the cancer cells are destroyed, there are not enough remaining viable normal cells to sustain life processes

In the process of photosynthesis, the chlorophyll producing cells of a plant are stacked like plates, called grana. These cells are responsible for receiving the light the plant requires for photosynthesis. These grana actually adjust their angle to respond to the incident angle and strength of the incoming light. Much as the automatic exposure control of a modern camera will adjust to allow the proper amount of light for a good picture, the grana adjust to receive the correct amount of light for optimum plant metabolic processes.

In tests that were conducted, if the light is strobed at the proper frequencies, photosynthesis (and plant growth) is increased. This was done experimentally by man-made artificial lighting. Obviously, this is not a practical answer for large scale agriculture or horticultural projects. How, then can we induce the same effect as strobing of the incident light striking the plant leaf?

In our research, we found that when a plant is exposed to the UIE effect, the grana will actually fluctuate or vibrate, changing their angle with respect to the incident light. This has the same effect for the plant as strobing the light source. The experiment has caused a great deal of excitement to this field. The UIE induced plant actually grows faster and healthier than normal plants. Fruits and vegetables grow larger, and the soil stays fertile longer.

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