Acute Rhinitis, Allergic as well as chronic Sinusitis and Naso-Pharyngial disorders are very common and are found to be a baffling problem to the Physicians.  These ailments afflict the person due to various reasons. The main causative factors are being, various types of allergy as well as viral infections. There is no proper remedy, which can give a permanent relief in the present day Medicine. The Indigenous Medicine has several useful drugs, which can relive symptoms as well as cure permanently. This unit by constant research found out a suitable formula, with a combination of herbs and natural organic substances, for the relief of above ailments.  The product not only relieves symptoms, but also cures the problem with a long-term therapy. The product is tested scientifically and standardized according to the parameters fixed.

STRENGTH:                500 Mg Capsules


Each Capsule contains

Amrutha                Tinospora cordifolia                150 mg        
KACHORA                Curcuma zedoaria                  75 mg        
YESTIMADHU        Glicerrhiza glabra                100 mg        
PIPPALI                Piper longum                          75 mg        
SRUNGA BASMA        Cervus dama                           75 mg        


CERVUS DAMA  (Mrugasrunga Basma)

This is a finely divided powder, is prepared from the horn of the stags. This drug acts as an Anti-allergic and Anti-inflammatory.

KACHORA  (Curcuma zedoaria)                         

This is a good Anti-Inflammatory drug, used in Upper Respiratory Tract Infections. It reduces the irritation & relieves Cough & Bronchitis.

tinospora cordifolia (Amrutha satva)

This acts as Coagulant and has anti-inflammatory properties. This also helps in decongestion of the Naso-Pharyngial Tract.

Piper Longum (Pippali)

This herb contains an alkaloid ‘PIPERINE’, which is a powerful Anti-inflammatory substance.  This drug acts as Anti-tussive, De-congestant and as Anti-pyretic. It also acts as Demulcent

Glycyrrhiza glabra.( Yestimadhu)

This contains an alkaloid ‘GLYCYRRHIZIN’, Sugar, Starch, Acid resin, Gum and Mucilage. This drug is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a good expectorant, is useful in Upper Respiratory disorders.

The above drugs are mixed and processed with extracts of Saussurea lappa(Kosta) and Curcuma zedoaria (Kachora).


In combination of the above drugs, SINEX acts as anti-allergic and as
anti-inflammatory of the Upper Respiratory Tract.  It reduces the allergic sneezing such as, Early Morning Sneezing, Dust allergic Sneezing etc.  Sinex also reduces the inflammation of the Sinuses and dries up the accumulated secretions in the respiratory tract. It also reduces the nasal flow, dries up the nasal cavity and reduces the nasal distress. Sinex further helps to build the resistance towards allergens and some bacteria.




Two to Three capsules a day in divided doses for minimum of 90 days.
Effect can be seen within a week, but to get complete relief 90 days minimum
in take is required

Prolonged use does not cause any immunity or sensitivity. Can be taken
continuously for any number of days.

PACKING: 90 Capsules Container

This product is not intend to diagnose, cure or to prevent any disease.

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