The greatest gift for women is the miracle of giving birth. However every woman knows that she will never be the same after having a baby. During pregnancy the womb can hold a child from six to nine pounds in weight expanding to accommodate the baby.

During childbirth the cervix and vagina will expand to allow delivery.

Research shows that the number of women suffering from cervix cancer has increased. One contributing reason is the lack of feminine hygiene leading to bacterial, viral or fungal Infections. This results in unsightly white leucorrhoea discharges and embarrassing odors.

K-Puyikang may help women overcome feminine hygiene problems. No other product in the market can match K-Puyikang. Other products are expensive and may not be as effective. Make the right choice and save money by using.
Feminine hygiene problems are a fact of life for women. Most women keep such personal issues to themselves and are too embarrassed to ask for help. Now, women can put these problems behind them with                  K-Puyikang.                  

K-Puyikang is having great success in other countries and we are confident it will do very well in india and  USA. Most of the products on the market, that address feminine hygiene, just cover up with flowery scents or are basically ineffective.

The reason why K-Puyikang works so well is because it is all natural, roots and herb based and has been thoroughly tested in the Asian countries for the last five years. This is a proven product that will help all women.

What every woman should know about leucorrhoea?

It is a medical condition in which vaginal discharge occurs due to infection in the uterus, cervix or vagina. The mucous discharge is transparent to whitish in color.

There are other similar discharges naturally occurring in correspondence to the female biological condition. Some of these are:

1.        The day before or during ovulation, in which heavy and thick discharge occurs.
2.        Several days before or during menstruation, in which the discharge is heavy and dark in color.
3.        Pregnancy also causes heavy discharges.

A normal discharge is characterized by being odorless, lightly colored to colorless and when no irritation occurs. Indications of infection includes abnormally heavy flow and yellowish or reddish discharge.

What is vaginal inflammation?

Abnormally heavy discharge may indicate infection that causes inflammation of the vagina. When inflammation occurs, women will experience abnormally heavy discharge with a darker appearance (yellowish to dark red), strong odors, irritation around the vaginal area and even pain during sexual intercourse.

Women must always maintain proper hygiene with the right products. However, some women may use soap or certain cleansers indiscriminately which only serves to worsen their problems. Imbalance In the natural condition of the vaginal area may occur and cause infection. This is the incorrect way to maintain feminine hygiene. Of course, if you have excessive vaginal odor it is recommended that you visit a doctor.

Ingredients in K-Puyikang

1. Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis)

Aloe Vera is a Plant native to East and South Africa.  Aloe's main user today is the cosmetic industry, due to its healing, soothing, antibacterial, and moisturizing qualities.  Studies have proven the use of aloe gel enhances or accelerates cell growth in skin. It's also found in sunscreen, after-sun lotions, creams, lotions, and facial wash.
2. Radix sophorae (light Yellow Sophora Root)

Ku Shen is the Chinese term for the root of Sophora flavescens, a member of the Bean and Pea family, Leguminosae is found growing wild throughout China in sunny meadows. It is also cultivated, mostly in the Shanxi and Hubei provinces.
Chinese Name : Ku Shen
3. Fructus cnidii (Common Cnidium Fruit)

It is the dried ripe fruit of Cnidii Monnieri fruit which is found in . The seeds of which are used in classical traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems and as a natural sex booster.

Chinese Name : She Chuang Zi
4. Herba Scizonepetae (Herba Schizonepetae herb)

Jingjie is the branch and leaf with inflorescence of Schizonepeta tenuifolia. The herb is collected in summer and autumn, dried in the shade, cut into sections and used raw or stir-baked yellow or carbonized.

Chinese Name : Jingjie.
5. Radix Sileris ( Ledebouriella root )

This herb is the root of the perennial herbaceous Plant. The herb is collected in spring and autumn, cleared of hairy rootlets, dried in the sun, thoroughly moistened, sliced and used raw or stir-baked carbonized.

Chinese Name : Fang Feng
6. Fructus zanthoxyli or Prickly ash Peel

Prickly ash Peel is the dried pericarp of ripe fruit of Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim.

Chinese Name : Hua Jiao (Chuan Jiao)
7. Cortex phellodendri or Amur Cork-tree

Amur Cork-tree is the dried bark of Phellodendron hinense Schneid.

Chinese Name : Huang Bai
8. Alum (Alumen)

1. Inducing astringency and arresting discharge
2. Promoting tissue regeneration and healing sores

Chinese name : Ming Fan

K-Puyikang is the ultimate in feminine hygiene and can help women over come feminine hygiene problems. K-Puyikang is all natural and made with Aloe Vera, plus 6 additional natural plant source ingredients and has been used overseas for years, with no side effects. K-Puyikang is an un-fragrance powder (no scented cover-up) that enhances a woman's femininity and youthful sensitivity.

This wonderful product will enhance the lives of so many women. 

With K-Puyikang women can Be Clean, Feel Fresh and Be Confident!

The benefits of using K-Puyikang include:

1.        Eliminating bad odors.
2.        Washing away bacteria.
3.        Restoring youthful sensitivity.
4.        Helping to return firmness to the vaginal muscles.
5.        Preventing odors from happening in the first place.
6.        Heightening intimate sensations for maximum pleasure        
7.        Staying clean will help you remain calm and worry less.
8.        Restoring youthful confidence and maintaining sensitivity.
9.        Optimally producing a clean, healthy, fresh and odorless environment.
10.        Cleansing away discharge and bacteria that can cause embarrassing odors.


1. Does the vaginal area possess odor of any kind?
A healthy woman is odorless. If a woman starts to experience any strong odor, this may indicate an infection. Proper cleansing can help reduce vaginal odor. K-Puyikang's all natural formula cleanses away discharge along with bacteria that can cause embarrassing odor. Plus, K-Puyikang's odor-blocking formula can help keep odor from happening. Using K-Puyikang frequently will virtually eliminate any embarrassing odors.

2. Can deodorants or other anti-odor products geared towards women be used to eliminate bad odor?
Not only are they often ineffective, but most of these products may encourage infection and disease.  Only K-Puyikang, made from natural Plant sources, can kill bacteria, retain firmness and eliminate bad odor. Women using K-Puyikang often report that it has restored their youthful confidence.

3. What are the proper ways to maintain feminine hygiene?
Use K-Puyikang daily, before shower/bath, and wash afterwards with warm water. You should also use K-Puyikang after sexual intercourse and after your menstrual period. K-Puyikang can also be used before sexual intercourse for cleansing and maintaining sensitivity.

4. What causes vaginal Inflammation?
Vaginal inflammation may occur due to infection, allergies and biological reactions to certain substances and conditions. Some specific conditions that cause inflammation include neglect of feminine hygiene or use of unsuitable hygiene products; wearing tight clothing; lack of sleep; heavy coffee drinking, eating spicy and oily food; use of anti-pregnancy pills, fungal infection that arises due to dampness around the crotch area; etc.

5. Which women are more prone to get vaginal inflammation?
Women who are pregnant, diabetic or on constant antibiotic medication.

6. Does vaginal Inflammation only affect women who have had sexual relations?
No. However, women who go through puberty or menopause will experience hormonal imbalance and decreased antibody levels, increasing their chances of Infection.

7. Can the male sexual partner be infected?
Yes, an infected male will feel irritation in their penile area. This problem can be overcome by washing with soap and water.

8. Can vaginal Inflammation infect other parts of the female reproductive system, or worsen to develop into other diseases?
Not in most cases. Inflammation should remain localize around the vaginal area. However, there are cases when problems develop due to severe Infection or when the infection is left without proper treatment.

9. Can the vaginal muscles retain its firmness even after giving birth?
The vagina is unique in that it is formed of elastic muscles that can expand to enable the baby to be delivered. However, in such cases, the vaginal muscles will lose their previous firmness and mucus production also increases. Using K-Puyikang may help firm the vaginal muscles and restore sensitivity.

10. What effect does frequent sexual intercourse have on the vaginal area?
The vagina will ultimately lose its firmness. K-Puyikang may help to return firmness to the vaginal muscles, providing maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Marketers please note: K-Puyikang is a truly a great product that can benefit millions of women. All women want to be clean, fresh and confident. Beauticians, gynecologists, holistic health practitioners and many others, are great people to contact with the K-Puyikang. You will be surprised as to how well this product works and how many women will want to use it.

Thank you


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