Liver disorders, especially arising out of infective hepatitis, Cirrhosis, are very common and has been a baffling problem to the medical profession. Many scientists are at work to find out a remedy for Liver disorders. Present day science has so far not been able to find out any tangible remedy for this malady. Indigenous medicine has many useful drugs of the treatment of Liver & Spleen disorders. Considering the usefulness of various drugs, this unit, after a prolonged research found a formula, which is most effective on Liver disorders of small animals as well as adult animals.

STRENGTH:                500 Mg CAPSULES


Each Capsule and liquid contains:

ROHITAKA                Amoora rohituka                100 mg        
BRUNGA                 Eclipta alba                        100 mg        
PUNARNAVA                Boerhaavia diffusa                   50 mg        
CHITRAKA                Plumbago zeylanica                   50 mg        
AMRUTHA                Tinospora cordifolia                     50 mg                
BHUMYAMALAKI        Phylanthus niruri                  75 mg        
KATU ROHINI                Picrohiza kurroa                  50 mg        


ROHITAKA (Amoora rohitaka)

This drug acts mainly on liver and spleen. Also acts as anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Increases bile secretions. Used mainly in the enlargement of Liver and Spleen, infective hepatitis and other Liver disorders.

       BRUNGA ( Eclipta alba)

This drug contains large amount of resin and an alkoloidal principle ecliptine. The resin does not yield reactions of podophyllin. This acts as cholagogue like taraxacum. Root is tonic and alternative. Juice of leaves is hepatic tonic and deabsorbent. Leaf extract & juice is used in yellow fever, all types of jaundice including catarrhal jaundice. Powder is used in hepatic & spleenic enlargements.

PUNARNAVA (Boerhaavia diffusa)

This drug mainly acts as diuretic, contains Potassium nitrate and alkaloid Punarnavin. In combination with other drugs, acts on liver and increases the bile flow, relieves the congestion.

CHITRAKA (Plumbago zeylanica)

This drug is a powerful stimulant, which is responsible for digestion. This drug has also anti-microbial action.

AMRUTHA (Tinosopra cordifolia)

This contains a Glucoside, starch extract, bitter principle and trace of berberine.  This is used as a tonic alternative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and as antipyretic.  Clinically excellent results have been obtained in lever disorders. Acts as very good digestive due to its bitter principle.


Livobeam is a powerful hepatic stimulant, which markedly increases the functional efficiency of the liver. It improves digestion and relieves flatulence and discomfort. It protects hepatic parenchyma against hepatotoxic agents and therefore acts as prophylactic. Biopsies taken before and after therapy show that Livobeam accelerates cellular metabolic activity and promotes regeneration. Liver function tests return to normal or near normal. The drug regulates plasma-protein concentration. Has marked anabolic activity. Stimulates the appetite. Promotes optimal weight and encourages normal growth in children.



USED AS                

DOSAGE:                        Capsules:        1-2 capsules twice daily

PACKING: 90 Capsules Container

This product is not intend to diagnose, cure or to prevent any disease.

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