Frequently asked questions:

Is it 100% preventive measure if we take these products?
Yes. If you use the supplements properly and take proper diet, yoga and exercises, you can prevent yourself from various diseases.

Is detox programme must for all?
Yes the detox programme is must for all humans.

Did we get revenue when we get the various packages?
Yes, sure. You will get wonderful revenue.

How we get revenue if we get the packages?
We the supporting system will work for you to fullfil the entire matrix to bring peoples below you. Your co-operation by sending referrals will also much effective.

Shall I do start doing business by my own?
Yes. Definitely you can, that will ad more revenue and you can establish wonderful business with our supporting system. Write us your dreams we will do suport to fulfill your financial dreams come true. Your refferals and our supporting system will definitely give best solutions to earn good money.

Shall we buy products independently without the package you have given?
Yes. Definitely you can purchase your needed products by informing us your requirment and can make the payment to get the products at your door step.

Do we need to pay additional freight charges for getting the products?.
No need. within india we deliver the products to your door step at free of freight cost.

How effective is the products?
All the products given in this site are term tested and are having high potency and very unique products in the world.

What are the details that we have to provide while registering?
We need an ID proof and Passport size photos and the forms which we send should be signed and filled properly for all communication.

How i will get wealth if i purchase your packages?
Like you many peoples purchase our packages everyday. we add peoples in downline continously.Its the fact that the volume of business get added below you. Automatically the next month you will be honoured with a good payment cheque that you could not imagine. This will happen every month. We will inform you the minimum purchase every month to get qualify for getting the payment.

For example if i pay Rs.48207.00 and get a "HEALTH AND BEAUTY SIVER PLUS PACKAGE"

what is my benefit and  what will be my revenue for the next month?
First of all, you will get all the products which we have given in the package to your door step.For the invested money you have got the products.
Now you have to fill the forms and should sign the forms and sent to us. After that we will take care of entering peoples below you and in next month you will start getting the payment from the respected companies. Approximately within 2 months you will get your invested money as profits.After that what are all the revenue you are getting shall be your great profits.

In consecutive months, we will inform you the details of minimum personel purchase to be made to get the payments regulalry.

Shall i get more revenue if i give you more refferals?
Yes definitely. The more referals that you give will add more profits to you and for many peoples that you serve to get good revenue.

We will ad answers further according to your questions that we receive…..

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