Health to Mankind 

Good Service to Society

Preventive Management
We Should Avoid Taking

  •        Hot Drinks
  •        Soft Drinks
  •        Smoking
  •        Tea & Coffee
  •        Bad Habits

Prevention is always Better & Economical than Cure
Acheive  good health    Distribute Moreeeee…… Health to others
Accumulate great Wealth
Three Categories of health stages

       1.  Healthy People - 5% of all people
       2.  Sick People   -     15%
       3.  People with Sub-health State - 85% 


"Health is a state of complete  physical,  mental  & social well being and not  merely absence of disease or infirmity ."
Sub Health

"Critical level between Health & Disease"


  •        Poor memory
  •        Weight abnormality
  •        Impaired concentration
  •        Restlessness
  •        Insomnia
  •        Anorexia
  •        Tiredness/ Fatigue
  •        Anxiety
  •        Life - style
  •        Eating Habits
  •        Gender
  •        Age factor
  •        Emotional Status
  •        Environment
  •        Hereditary factors
  •        Pollution
  •        Stress

  •        Smoking
  •        Alcohol
  •        Long working hours
  •        Sleep patterns
  •        Lack of exercise
Sub Health Factors:
Major Factors Affecting Health

       60 % - Our Life Style
       15 % - Hereditary Factors
       10 % - Social Conditions
       8   % - Medical Conditions
       7   % - Climatic Conditions

6 Needs to maintain our Health 

       Emotional Factors
       We are consuming "Inorganic Food" instead of "Organic Food"
       Our Food contains 500 chemicals which decreases our IMMUNITY
What is Immunity?
Human T Lymphocyte:

Antibody & Antigen Reaction:

Antibody targeting the Antigen


Organic Food

Organic refers to foods cultivated & processed without Fertilizers, Insecticides, Artificial coloring, Artificial flavorings or Additives.
It is naturally produced foods

What is Chemicals?

       It is Artificial Products to induce the fastest growth of plants.
       This food items contains insufficient amount of minerals & Vitamins.
       This chemicals induce Cancer, aging process, poor Digestion, Heart Problem

American Medical Association Reported in July 2000

       2,50,000 people killed every year because of medical treatment
       Causes include infection caught in Hospitals- 80,000 people
       Unnecessary surgery - 12,000
       Miscellaneous - 20,000
       Americans die from being given the wrong drugs - 7000
       Americans die from the side effects of being given right drugs - 1,06,000
Main Cause of Death in America

       Heart Disease
       Medical Treatment

What is difference between natural therapy & Chemical therapy

       Treatment to only Symptoms
       No treatment to root & cause of diseases
       For ex: If patient has got cough, usually chemical treatment is only treatment to cough.
       But actual reason is, low immunity power.


       Our Water contains 200 chemicals
       It was said - 38 % oxygen in atmosphere 10,000 years back.
       According survey in 1965 - 21 % oxygen
       But in cities like Chennai, Delhi, Bombay - oxygen % is 12 %- 16 % .
       When it go down below 7 %, what we should do?
We have to buy oxygen like water

       At least daily, we need 30 minutes jogging to maintain our health properly.
       Those who are willing to reduce weight, Need 30 to 45 minutes running.
       Emotional Factors & Sleeping are also affecting our body

That's why we need food supplements

       Nowadays, there is no possible to get organic foods.
       Water is only possible those who are having affordable to buy.
       Air is gradually polluted
       Nobody is doing regular exercises to maintain their health.
       Emotional factors & sleeping are also not proper.  

Why We Need Food Supplements: 

January 17, 2005
If You Think You may not need Dietary Supplements, 

Read this
Finally, after more than 50 years, leading medical journal now recommend all adults take multivitamins

New England Journal of Medicine &
Journal of the American Medical Association 

Have Concluded That:
Most People do not consume an optimal amount of all Vitamins by Diet Alone.
Inadequate intake of several vitamins has been linked to chronic diseases, including Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer & Osteoporosis.
Sub optimal Folic Acid levels, along with sub optimal levels of Vitamins B6 & B12, are a risk factor for Cardiovascular Disease, Neural Tube Defects, & Colon & Breast Cancer.

Low Levels of Vitamin D contribute to Osteoporosis & Bone Fracture
Low Levels of Antioxidant Vitamins (Vit A, E & C ) May increase risk for several Chronic Diseases.
Why You Can't Depend on Food Alone For
Essential Nutrition
Here are 
22 Reasons
Reason # 1

Overfed & Undernourished
The average American are Overfed & undernourished.
Consuming fabricated convenience foods High in Calories but low in food value
Sub clinical or marginal deficiencies    such as

       Recurring minor infections
       General aches & pains
       Difficulty concentrating
       Muscle weakness
       Insomnia & just not feeling right

According to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Survey of 20,000 people
Not a single person was consuming adequate levels of all the Vitamins & Minerals

In this study, the percentage of Americans was found to be deficient as follows:
       90% in Vit. B6
       75% in Mag.
       68% in Calcium
       57% in Iron
       50% in Vit A
       45% in Vit B1
       41% in Vit C
       34% in Vit B2
       34% in Vit B12
       …. And the list goes on.

Reason # 2

Soil Depletion:
Modern Mass-production Agriculture depletes nutrients from the soil without replenishing them.
he application of synthetic fertilizers stimulates the growth of beautiful-looking plants. However, the nutrient content is missing.
So, we are getting less nutrition today than from the identical foods grown in the same soil 50 years ago.

Reason #3

Commercial Food Processing
Much of Food we eat is processed in one way or another way
When Foods are processed, they are exposed to

       Drastic changes in temperature or humidity
This exposure causes the destruction of vital but fragile nutrients
Examples of processing include

       Spray drying

Reason #4

Food Storage & Transportation
       All Foods deteriorate as they age.
       Many foods are shipped over great distances. So Chemicals are added to preserve foods & give them a longer "shelf life"
       The nutrient content of foods decline over time, even though they look the same.
       Even fresh fruits or vegetables may be Sprayed, Gassed or Fumigated in order to make them look "ripe" & "fresh"

Reason #5

Preparation & Cooking of Foods
The More You Cook a Food, The Less its Nutrient Value
Many People eat out or bring something home from the market ie already cooked.
If You overcook Rice, You lose nutrients

Reason #6

Home Storage of Food:

       Have You Looked in Your Refrigerator Lately?
       Refrigeration does slow down the deterioration of food.
       It certainly does not stop it.
       As every day goes by, whatever is in your refrigerator is losing its nutritional value.
       Some People eat three weeks old food from Refrigerator, or something from the Pantry ie year Old. By this time, some Vital Nutrients have been completely lost.
Reason #7

Food Irradiation

       Exposing foods to Gamma rays, X-rays or other radiation extends their shelf life by destruction of Microorganism,
       Inhibition of Sprouting (Budding) & delay of ripening.
       Some Meats, Chicken and Vegetables are irradiated.
       Foods served in Restaurants or Schools may be irradiated
       There's no label to tell you if a food has been irradiated
       Antioxidants & Fat-Soluble Vitamins (A,D,E & K) are Destroyed.
Reason #8 

Pesticides in Foods

A Pesticide is a poison

       A little bit of pesticide will kill a bug. A lot of pesticide will kill us.
       Most foods contain pesticide.
       Pesticides may be applied to the soil, to the growing plant, or to the food while in storage or shipment.

We can't see, smell or taste these pesticides

       So we have no way of knowing if what we are eating contains pest poisons.
       But our body knows.
       Some pesticides can accumulate in the body & cause problems.
Our body has to deal with the problem by expending valuable Vitamins & minerals to detoxify & try to eliminate these poisons
Reason #9

Genetically Modified Foods
Millions of acre of genetically modified Corn, Cotton & Potatoes have been planted in the U. S. These foods, which are now in food supply, have been engineered to produce a naturally occurring pesticide ie toxic only to insects.
Genetically modified foods are not safe to human beings
Rats fed genetically modified potatoes had increased Intestinal infections, Reduced Immunity & reduced weight of intestine, Pancreas, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs & Brain
Reason #10

Environmental Pollution
"        We dump nearly 6 billion (one thousand million) pounds of chemicals into our environment every year.
"        While some of it ends up in our food, much of it is in our air & water.
"        If you breathe air & drink water, you are ingesting chemical pollution
"        Medical research has already established that environmental chemicals contribute to Degenerative Diseases.
"        We have no choice but to eat food, drink water & breathe air.
"        Therefore, we need dietary supplements top help us process & detoxify the pollution entering our body every day
Reason #11

Bioaccumulation of pollution in animal foods

Process of accumulation of chemicals in our body

       They are certain persistent pollutants that tend to accumulate in any living thing, whether animal or plant.
       The Higher up the food chain, the greater the accumulation.
       Take swordfish for example.
       Swordfish is known to high levels of mercury, a toxic metal.
       The problem starts when small BAITFISH eats organic material that contains Mercury.
       They metabolize the organic material but retain mercury.
       SMALL PREDATORY FISH then eat the BAITFISH, thus inheriting their accumulated Mercury
       The more BAITFISH they eat, the more Mercury they accumulate.        
Fish is intermediater

       Finally, a SWORDFISH comes along & eats a bunch of Small PREDATORY FISH, & pick ups a load of Mercury.
       So a big SWORD FISH can gather a lot of Mercury over time.
       But the SWORD FISH is not the end of the chain.
We are!

       We eat the SWORD FISH, & now all that accumulate mercury is stored in "our" body.
       Sword Fish is only one example out of hundreds.
Here's the point

       We are at the top of the entire food chain on earth.
       Therefore, we unknowingly accumulate heavy metals & Chemical pollutants.
Final Conclusion

       If we consume animal foods, you need dietary supplements to help us handle the pollution they contain.

Reason #12

Energy Pollution
It is Invisible Burdens in our body
Nuclear Pollution

       For Ex: Nuclear testing in Nevada which caused an increase in CANCERS downwind from the test site

Altered Magnetic Fields 

       From Electrical Motors & circuits, & all kinds of energy transmissions ( microwave, radar, cell phone, etc…)
Effects in our body 

       It destroys or damage the cells directly.
       It causes stress reaction in our body leads to HORMONAL IMBALENCE
       For Ex: Energy pollution reduces our levels of MELATONIN, an ESSENTIAL HORMONE

Nobody can escape from this type of ENERGY POLLUTION
Reason #13

Genetic Weaknesses
None of us is Perfect

       Each of us is Genetically & Biochemically unique.
       But none of us is perfect.
       We all have some kind of genetic weakness.
For Example

       We might have a genetic abnormality in METHIONINE metabolism called HOMOCYSTINURIA.
       In this case, taking large doses of vitamin B6 is a way to compensate for this function.
There are hundreds of example like this 

       Many of them can be minimized with dietary supplement

Reason #14

Chronic Stress
Most of the time, You're not aware of stress 

       "Stress" occurs when your body has a fight or flight response to any situation
Stress can come from anywhere at any time
It could be a

       A barking dog
       A disagreeable boss
       A car needs repair
       An unpaid bill
       A relationship that isn't working, or living alone…Anything at all
But your body doesn't

       You become so accustomed to stress that you consciously tune it out
Chronic Stress

       When stress is repeated over & over, it is called chronic stress.
       This seriously depletes your body of energy & vital reserves.
Hormonal Imbalance

       Chronic stress produces hormones that have a long-term weakening effects on our body which accelerates the aging process & leads to chronic degenerative diseases.
       So we need supplements that reduce the detrimental effects of chronic stress.
Reason #15

Our Lifestyle
How we behave may increase our need for supplements

       For ex, Smoking or Drinking alcohol to excess dramatically saps your reserves of vital nutrients.
How we behave may increase our need for supplements

       For ex, Smoking or Drinking alcohol to excess dramatically saps your reserves of vital nutrients.
       In both cases, Dietary supplementation is not an option - IT'S REQUIREMENT.

How we behave may increase our need for supplements

       If you are an avid mountain climber or high-performance athlete, you use up nutrients faster than the average person.
       The same is true if you work in a physically demanding occupation, your performance will be improved with dietary supplementation.

Reason #16

GI Problems
Any kind of Digestive or GI problem

       Will diminish our ABSORBTION of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Essential fats Plant substances.

Any kind of Digestive or GI problem

       Like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn's disease & Chronic Diarrhea hurt our ability to absorb nutrients.
       Ditto for Bacterial, Viral, Yeast or Parasitic Infections.
       Food allergies are notorious for causing GI problems.

In short, any inflammation in our GI tract means trouble.

       Therefore, we will need supplements to help us deal with the inflammation, as well as to increase the amount of essential nutrients we are consuming & absorbing.

Reason #17

Weak Digestion

You have an impaired ability to digest your food

       Bloat after eating
       Burping &

Supplementary aids may be indicated

       If you can not digest your food, it can not be absorbed into your body.

Reason #18

Getting older

According to medical studies

       We lose our digestive power as we get older.
       By the time we are "elderly", we have a serious problem that can only be corrected by supplementation.
       Many elderly people eat less than they did in earlier years. In this case, supplements can augment. 

Reason #19

Most teenagers need supplementation

       It's no secret that adolescents eat & drinks things that are very unhealthy, i.e., "Junk food".
       This is no way to nourish a maturing body.
Reason #20

Chronic Disease or Disorder
It doesn't matter what the disorder is
       It could be Arthritis, Macular Degeneration, Cancer, Diabetes, High BP, Asthma, Eczema, PMS or anything else.
       Specific dietary supplements can help almost any disorder.

Reason #21


Drugs interact with supplements, or cause an increased need for them

       Nothing in our body operates in isolated compartments - everything interacts with everything else in some way.
       So many drugs interact with supplements, or cause an increased need for them.

Drugs interact with supplements, or cause an increased need for them

       For ex, women on Birth control pills may have an increased need for Vitamin B6.
       People on Glucophage need more Calcium, B12 & Folic acid. The list is endless.
       So if you are on medication, you need specific supplements.

Reason #22


To have a healthier baby 

       When you become pregnant, Nutrition requirements are increased.
       It's your & your baby benefits to take supplementation to reduce your risk of a Miscarriage or pregnancy complications, and to have a healthier baby


Cut Section of Artery:

Varicose Veins:

The Process of formation of Cancer Cell

Effects on following Cancer:

  •        Skin Cancer
  •        Stomach Cancer
  •        Lung Cancer
  •        Liver Cancer
  •        Uterus Cancer
Same Process:
Gall Bladder Stone:
  •        Gastric ulcer
  •        Gartroptosis
  •        Gout
  •        Gum inflammation
  •        Hair loss
  •        Halitosis (bad breath)
  •        Hemorrhoids
  •        High blood fat
  •        High cholesterol
  •        Hypertension
  •        Hypertrophy of the prostate
  •        Impotence
  •        Insomnia
  •        Leg & foot cramps
  •        Liver diseases
  •        Loss of concentration
  •        Low vigor
  •        Lumbago
  •        Neuralgia
  •        Obesity
  •        Oral cavity inflammation
  •        Otitis media
  •        Plaque
  •        Premature ejaculation
  •        Rheumatism
  •        Rough skin
  •        Scars
  •        Schizophrenia
  •        Shoulder ache
  •        Slow movement
  •        Spasms
  •        Speckles on skin
  •        Swelling pain
  •        Tumor
  •        Warts
  •        Weariness

Total - 52
Terms De3)Beta Carotene:

  •        Acne: an inflammatory disease of the skin with formation of papules or pustules.
  •        Papule:a small, circumscribed, solid, elevated lesion of the skin.
  •        Pustule:a small, elevated, circumscribed, pus-containing lesion of the skin.
  •        Barrier for blood vessels of Heart and Brain
  •        Increases longevity.
  •        Improves resistance against Viral Infection.
  •        Prevents flu, cold and Respiratory problem.
  •        Strengthens the Immune System.

4)Vitamin C:

Kidney Stone


  •        Frequent or uncontrolled urination
  •        Poor Appetite
  •        Palpitation
  •        Insomnia
  •        Hepatitis
  •        Night Sweat
  •        Constipation
  •        Thirst associated with feverish illness


  •        Boost the Immune system.
  •        Cleans the blood.
  •        Lowers blood sugar.
  •        Provides Tolerance to low oxygen.


"A Must For Every Family To Achieve Their Good Health"


1 Acupressure( Reflexology )
2 Blood circulation(Vibration)
3  Massage.

  • Upper limb disorder:
  • Arthritis
  • Numbness
  • Tennis elbow
  • Paralysis
  • Insomnia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Overweight
  • Beauty-Skin problems
  • Regulating blood sugar
  • Knee pain
  • Numbness
  • Stiffness  
  • Weak abdominal muscle
  • Sciatica pain
  • Overweight
  • Backache
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Frozen shoulder 


  • 120 KG


  •        Bleeding Piles
  •        Cardiac Patient At Risk
  •        Cerebral Hemorrhage
  •        High Fever
  •        Infective Skin Disease
  •        Kidney Failure on Dialysis
  •        Malignant Tumor
  •        Menorrhagia
  •        Pregnancy
  •        Patients using Pacemaker or Metallic Implants in Bones
  •        Tuberculosis
  •        Uncontrolled High BP
  •        Varicose Veins
  •        Women in Menstruation

  •        Sitting on the BCM
  •        Sitting with feet on the BCM
  •        Sitting with hands on the BCM
  •        Standing
  •        Standing with hands touching toes
  •        Supine lying
  •        Side lying
  •        Prone lying
  •        Lunch stoop one leg standing
Use With Caution in case of:

  •        Swelling in the Ankle & Feet
  •        Very Old Debilitating Person
  •        Deep Vein Thrombosis
  •        Ulcers, Bed sores in Feet or  Back  

  •        After continuously using the machine for 30 minutes, at least a 10 minutes rest will prolong the machine life span.
  •        Smoking and Food Chewing are prohibited.
  •        To keep the machine away from water supply.
  •        To keep free the ventilating holes at bottom of the machine.
  •        To keep the surrounding clean & dust free.

Hypotension Apparatus:

Non-drug Bioelectric Treatment for High blood pressure.


       The theory of BCEC was 1st proposed by Dr.Bjorn E.W.Nordenstrom, MD,Professor Emeritus of Radiology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden in 1983.
The Theory of BCEC:

       It is believed that the energy exchange in tissue & organ metabolism, the material transportation between blood vessel & cell is accomplished not only through blood circulation but also through BCEC.
       This bioelectric methods are used for various disorder at St. George Hospital in Germany & China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing

Improving process:

  •        First generation: Single side ear clip hypertension apparatus.
  •        Second generation: Double side ear clip hypertension apparatus.
  •        Third generation: Necklace type hypertension apparatus.
  •        Newest fourth generation: Handhold hypotension apparatus.
       During similar period of time, a research group lead by Mr.Jiajun Gao, discovered the abnormal electrical potential among

high Bp patients, combining acupuncture theory of TCM, Mr.Gao invented this hypotension apparatus that can reduce blood pressure in 3-5 mins, without involvement of medication in 1987.
The product has won seven international golden prizes in USA, France, Switzerland, Singapore, and China.
Mr. JiaJun Gao 
Dr. JiePing Wu

       It does not apply drug, vibration or magnetic force to body.
       So no toxic or side effect.
Side effects of Blood Pressure medication:

  •        Impotence
  •        Premature ejection
  •        Oedema
  •        Digestive bleeding
  •        Arrhythmia

Weak Bioelectricity 

Hypotension Apparatus collects weak bioelectricity 
Send back to the Human body through Terminal metal pins
Amended Bioelectricity activates Bioelectric closed circuit in the body
Further adjusts weak bioelectricity remaining in the body
Once Bioelectricity being balanced, Blood Pressure will be balanced
An Electron gain
       To prevent and cure hypertension
       Based on extensive clinic research (More than 10,000 cases ) in major hospital in Beijing and ShangHai cities ,
       LiaoNing province, Jilin province, GuangZhou city and HeBei province.

In 1998 , CNCDPCO recommended:

Stages of Hypertension:


       1st or Mild   - 140-159 90-99
       2nd or Moderate  - 160-179 100-109
       3rd or Severe   - >180  >110
       High Normal  - 130-139 85-90
       Normal   - <130  <85
       Optional  - <120  <80
Duration & frequency:
  •        1st stage hypertension: Once a day and 3-5 mins everytime. (2 to 3 weeks )

  •        2nd stage hypertension: 2-3 times a day & 3-5 minutes each time. (5 to 7 weeks )

  •        3rd stage hypertension: 2-3 times a day,3-5 mins each time . (7 to 9 weeks )

Apparatus of blood pressure reduction function:
Heart & Brain Vessel:

  •        Reducing Blood pressure
  •        Balancing blood pressure
  •        Reducing rate of incidence of diseases of heart & brain vessel
  •        Dulling coronary artery convulsion
  •        Lighten heart load
Brain Clearing:

  •        Clearing & Fresh Brain
  •        Benefit for Intelligence
  •        Dulling Tiredness
  •        Un-sleeping
  •        Health care & massage
  •        Beauty

Pain Dulling:

  •        Headache
  •        Swirl
  •        Omodynia (pain in the shoulder)
  •        Arthritis
  •        Toothache
  •        Ache from stomach, liver & kidney stone
  •        Pancreas inflammation
  •        Pain of waist & back
  •        Pneumonia
  •        Asthma

Hair protection:

  •        Controlling of hair loosing
  •        Hair generation
  •        White hair ( becomes black)
  •        Hair care
  •        Hair beauty

Pregnancy induced hypertension:

  •        Drugs affects the growing baby.
  •        It is also very useful to treat & prevent prenatal baby epilepsy

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HOWSS ( Health Oriented Wealth Supporting System )

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